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My catchphrase suggestion:

Climate Town: Where facts are hotter than fiction!

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One way to reduce the size of vehicles sold is to impose a yearly tax (for road maintenance and related things) on vehicles and have it based on weight.

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I wish I had something better to add here than simply gushing, but whatever. Anyway, Climate Town is absolutely the best part of my day/week/month...and whenever you produce anything new. Keep it up and I'll help you keep keeping it up as much as possible.

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That chart from MIT Trancik Lab is absolutely fascinating and deserves more publicity. How about a video that somehow covers this, and the fact that it's wasteful to buy an EV truck you really don't need, in more detail?

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here's a catchphrase for you

Climate Town: where the climate is always.

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Appreciate the breakdown of this year's Super Bowl car commercials! And your video is spot on: It's insane that car companies promoting EVs are also trying to present themselves as good guys, since car companies like GM have contributed to EV resistance.

Also, I've referenced that stat from The Chart Town graphic before, and I think the scary part is that the three best-selling vehicles in the U.S. last year were pickup trucks, so unless Americans change the type of car they want, we're going to run into a lot of problems. I go further into this in my own EV/Super Bowl Commercial post: https://planetdays.substack.com/p/ev-makers-punted-on-the-super-bowl

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